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Tiny Domain Monitor is a simple standalone PHP script for automatic domain monitoring. It supports most top level domains including country domains. It can be used to monitor own domains and other registered domains in order to be informed when they expire or become again available for registration. With the help of a cron job the domain data is automatically updated. Tiny Domain Monitor can send an email when a domain data change occurs and it also generates RSS feed to track domain changes in any feed reader.

Since Tiny Domain Monitor is a PHP application it needs web server with PHP support. It also needs one MySQL database. You can use existing commercial hosting or home web server. If you don't have one you can install a package with everything you will need to run Tiny Domain Monitor. There are many popular packages for Windows, Mac and Linux. Please check Installing a Web Server.

Check Domain Monitor Documentation or try Tiny Domain Monitor Demo with your domains to get the feeling about all the features and options it offers.

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  • Interested in cool, easy-to-remember, short domains that will soon expire?
  • Are you trying to catch expiring domains?
  • Would you like to have expiration dates about your domains at one place?
  • Would you like to be informed via email when domain data changes?
  • Would you like to track domain changes also in your RSS feed reader?
  • Would you like to have a tool to monitor all domains at one place?

How You Can Get Tiny Domain Monitor?

Buying Tiny Domain Monitor is easy. You don't have to register with us, just choose an option, click the Proceed To Secure Checkout button, pay with PayPal or any supported debit or credit card, and you will immediately be redirected back to a download page. You will also receive an email containing your download link for domain monitoring php code.

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We offer a choice of three payment options for Tiny Domain Monitor, giving you upgrades for 30 days, 2 years or 4 years. 

Obviously if you experience any problem in payment or downloading, just let us know and we will put things right immediately.

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